Servicios de carga marítima

Direct Drayage

Direct drayage is an option whereby the cargo in a container is picked up from the port by a truck and shipped across the US to its final destination. This option is becoming less commonly utilized among shippers due to its inefficiency, though. Here’s the reason why: after being picked up from the port, the freight is transported in the same containers as it was over the ocean.

The thing is, it’s shipping in the same container on the US mainland has become extremely pricey due to the recent container availability shortage phenomenon. Following the instructions of our team, you will avoid any kind of shortage, and all of your deliveries will satisfy the parties in the supply chain.

Servicios de carga marítima

Transloading /Warehousing

Where transloading comes to play: this solution is way out of the transportation issues shippers can experience because of demurrage or per diem or any other charges listed in every quote on the intermodal deliveries in the modern market. In transloading, the cargo is taken to the nearest warehouse as soon as it arrives at the port and then unloaded from the container. Upon unloading, the freight is loaded in a trailer, and the container is returned to the port immediately.

The services by Carolina Logistic Inc are not confined to what was mentioned earlier – we also offer ground transportation over the territory of the United States. This means that when your freight arrives at the port, you don’t need to go looking for other trucking companies – we can take your freight to its final destination, too.

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Servicios de carga marítima

CFS pickup / delivery

CFS (container freight station) serves as a safe warehouse for storing cargo that is owned by different exporters or importers and is consolidated or unconsolidated before it is exported or imported. When it comes to LCL (Less than a container load), the CFS belongs to a shipping line or terminal and is held responsible for the customs-related examination conducted and clearance procedures.

CFS pickups require additional, sophisticated planning, overwhelming documentation, and many other requirements that Carolina Logistics Inc can take professional care of – we cover all the intricacies encompassing the process. Our expert who handles the CFS pickups challenges will save you money and time: thanks to our extensive and top-notch truck fleet, our prompt drivers quickly come to the required transportation spot; our vehicles have durable lift gates and pallet jacks, which propel the pickup and delivery process and create possibilities of serving the residential / business areas directly or providing white glove service