About Us

About Us



Carolina Logistics is a transportation company that offers clients a tailored approach while providing them with efficient and cutting-edge services. We offer adaptable, affordable solutions that support each client’s business growth.

Our top goal is flexible and effective transportation, ensuring every delivery is timely and safe. Because we cherish our clients and employees, we are a dependable and trustworthy carrier. Our skilled crew consists of competent and experienced drivers who handle all kinds of freight with a variety of high-tech vehicles.

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Our Team

Our team is a diverse, international group of young, enthusiastic professionals committed to seeking personal and professional progress.

Carolina Logistics values diversity and understands its significance in the modern world. We do not overlook our differences in race, religion, or gender. Instead, we enthusiastically embrace them! We also extend our commitment to diversity to our clients, welcoming and celebrating their unique backgrounds and perspectives. With our ability to speak more than ten languages, we strive to ensure that all of our clients feel seen, heard, and valued. Building long-lasting relationships with our partners is our aim. We treat these connections as a marathon, not a sprint.



We are looking for professional CDL Class A truck drivers. We have a great lease-purchase program for our seasoned logistics drivers, top salary, and superb benefits. Professional bookkeepers, dispatchers, and full-service repair shops are available to you round-the-clock on our premises.

Visit our affiliate website, Owner Operator Land, or complete the form below to work with Carolina Logistics.

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