Our History


Established in Boiling Springs, SC, by second-generation Ukrainian immigrants, Carolina Logistics Inc is now venturing into the global logistics arena. The company has been carrying the vision of global presence since its foundation in 2016 as a hotshot truck and light commercial vehicles business.


In 2017 Carolina Logistics expanded its fleet and launched several new branches widening the range of its services. The Car Hauling branch, which sprouted that year, continues to grow today. With a bigger fleet, Carolina Logistics increased the number of its lanes, some appearing to be more popular and frequent than others. Lanes originating in TX were at the top of the list.


In 2018, through having multiple valuable clients in Texas, we discovered that we could push our boundaries and haul directly from the Mexican shippers straight to Canada.


2019 marked the beginning of international expansion for Carolina Logistics. We built a sturdy network of partners in Mexico with our first international office set up in Mexico City, followed by offices in Guadalajara and Querétaro, and opened our first hub in South America.

Cross-border shipping and international teams reinforced the global vision of Carolina Logistics’s founders, while their Ukrainian heritage made the company flexible and adaptable to the cross-cultural environment of global logistics. This prompted the launch of our Drayage branch, and worldwide opportunities have started gradually to come in.


Despite the global pandemic and other challenges of 2020, Carolina Logistics reached Europe. We opened offices in Poland, the Netherlands, and other EU countries. After that, we set up an office in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the world’s busiest logistics crossroads.


The international success of Carolina Logistics did not limit to Europe and Asia. In 2022 we officially launched the Freight Forwarding Department to provide services in global ocean freight shipping and air freight shipping. The same year we actively participated in expos and conventions around the globe, connecting us to more and more vendors across the world.


As Carolina Logistics entered 2023 with a long succession of milestones behind us, we are paving our way down the Silk Road to take over the Asian market with the main focus on China.


Our mission at Carolina Logistics is to solve every transportation challenge our clients may have before they have it. We adhere to a proven and efficient strategy for transporting goods by using our own strategies and principles of approaching the work process, which has created us an acclaimed reputation as a reliable logistics supplier in different markets. We are the company that keeps all of the processes under control and disassembles our work algorithm into small steps to separate and simplify every point of the planning process and provide the best possible service during the transit time.


Our values

We understand the value of being a trusted and respected company by our business partners, clients, and employees. We strive to be the best partner to every person and business that is associated with us.

Sense of Urgency
Continuous Improvement

Our primary goal is to provide high-quality services to every client. We build trust with our clients by consistently providing top-notch service.


At Carolina Logistics, we value and respect each and every member of the team. We recognize that every team member has experience, knowledge, and skills that are a benefit to everyone in the business.


Teamwork is necessary and valuable to provide excellent service to our clients. We’ve established a team culture at Carolina Logistics and go above and beyond to support one another.

Sense of Urgency

In logistics, time is a very valuable resource. We strive to provide constant support and communication with every client. We focus on delivering safely and on time every time.


We understand the value of your cargo. Our team consists of qualified drivers and modern vehicles that allow us to manage any and all cargo.

Continuous Improvement

We know that all great businesses must continue to improve. We focus on teaching our team and constantly improving our processes to find success. Technology innovations and corporate culture are primary keys in the growth process here at Carolina Logistics.

Our advantages


JIT Culture

One of the keystones of our remarkable performance is just-in-time management – we take care of our clients with the help of our professionals, who streamline shipping, ensuring that our clients have full comprehension of the complete process of their cargo transportation. The backbone of our JIT culture is a team of relentless drivers who possess wide expertise in a variety of freight. 


24/7 customer care

We care for our customers non-stop – our operators are available 24/7, providing clients with sustainable solutions to overcome any challenge that may emerge. Our customer support specialists are trained to be able to always find the right answer, come up with relevant advice, and show that each customer is treated with utmost commitment. 



We put the needs and interests of clients at the forefront of all business operations. This means we actively listen to our clients’ concerns, desires, and feedback, and use that information to improve the quality of our services.



We offer logistics and transportation services nationwide – Carolina Logistics’s flexible approach and robust transportation management system allows it to cover the entire country, offering clients optimized and effective solutions.


We are trusted

Carolina Logistics has earned a reputable and trustworthy position with clients due to its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and mutual respect. 


Specialized equipment

Our fleet includes a diverse range of vehicles to transport all types of freight, including time-sensitive, temperature-sensitive, and high-value cargo with exceptional care and safety. Our capabilities and experience allow us to handle even the most challenging shipments with confidence and expertise.


Multilingual support

Multilingual support is a core feature of Carolina Logistics. Our team of experts is proficient in 10+ languages, enabling us to provide exceptional assistance to clients. This capability has helped us expand the reach of our professional services beyond language barriers.


Global presence

At Carolina Logistics, we provide shipping services from any pick-up point in the world to any final destination required. With a globally acclaimed reputation, our organization serves clients across the world and transports cargo all over the globe.

Our Team

Carolina Logistics boasts a diverse and multilingual team of experts dedicated to meeting customers’ needs through their expertise, commitment, and individual approach. Our team works in a thriving cross-cultural environment, with members from various professional backgrounds who are trained to provide support throughout the entire client journey. We prioritize merit-based hiring and do not discriminate based on race, religion, or gender, as our corporate culture values freedom and integrity.


Our clients



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